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Jennifer – The Unexpected Trauma Claim

Jennifer (not her real name) had Life and Trauma cover which she took out with her then husband, a few years before we became her insurance advisers.

Jennifer wanted to meet with us to talk about taking out new policy just for herself, as she and her husband had been divorced for a year, but their current covers were still jointly owned.

Through the process of reviewing Jennifer’s existing policy, she mentioned that she had a heart attack which was trigged through the stress of her relationship breakdown. Her previous adviser had told her that she didn’t have cover for such an event – but that didn’t sound quite right to us. We had Jennifer provide us with the medical information, and we then approached her insurance company on her behalf.

The insurer came back within a few days later and confirmed that Jennifer was in fact entitled to a payment of $50,000 under her Trauma Cover Policy.  

Whilst it is never nice to go through such a traumatic medical event, Jennifer was really appreciative that we had her best interests at heart, and took the time to ensure she got the funds which were rightfully hers. The funds enabled Jennifer to take time to make decisions about her next step in life, without having to worry about her immediate financial future.

If you haven’t heard from your advisers in a while – send us a message. We’d love to meet with you to review your covers, and make sure you have the right types and levels of cover in place for your personal financial situation.